Production in France decreases, Spagna stays stable, and Italy holds first place with an estimate production of 48.5 million hectolitres, thanks to favourable end of summer weather conditions. The quality export challenge continues

Positive outlook for the 2016 harvest

Italy will keep world leadership in wine production in 2016, beating France and Spain, which respectively are foreseeing a 10% decrease with 42,9 million hectolitres due to adverse climate, and a stable 42-43 mln/hl harvest. Estimates by Ismea and Uiv, presented at Mipaaf for the National Wine Observatory, indicate Italy’s production numbers as 48,5 million hectolitres, in contraction by 2% in regards to 2015, which was an abundant vintage. In general, the average is higher than the last five years. After an often unfavourable spring season, the summer is instead closing with the best of conditions. The generally positive climatic trend (save for some local hiccups) and the full production of new vineyards in substitution of obsolete ones are the main reasons for this surge.

Regional numbers: flux in Campania and Sicily

Locally, there is scarce homogeneity between neighboring regions, and within the regions themselves. In the top four only does Sicily register a decrease (–15%), while a slight growth was registered in Veneto, thanks to the implementation of new plots. Puglia, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia and Trentino Alto Adige, on the other hand, suffered climate fluctuations. Friuli is above average despite the slight dip. Both Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta note a slight rise in numbers. In sensible reduction, Tuscany and Umbria (both –8%), Liguria is stable, while Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise and Marche foresee positive productions. The situation is more complicated in Campania, a region hit by multiple floods and icy spells which will most probably cause 20% loss of the harvest. Good numbers in Calabria and Basilicata, stable in Sardinia.

Quality: looking good

Prospects on quality appear definitely positive, with the added chance of producing fine wines and excellent prospects for the reds. Assoenologi expressed a similar judgement on the 2016 harvest, predicting 48,9 million hectolitres (–1%) and quality which predicts a memorable 2016 millesime vintage.

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