'A Vita

The adventure of Francesco De Franco and his wife Laura began in 2008 but he is already famous among the most enthusiastic and demanding people of Italian wines. We are in Ciro, in Calabria, land of wine tradition but still little known at high levels. e choice fell immediately on a clean viticulture and respectful of the terroir, centered on the fascinating indigenous variety: Gaglioppo. Around 8 hectares of vineyards in four di erent locations, some at sea level, others up to 70 meters above sea level. Agriculture is biological. In the vineyard chemicals are prohibited, they use sparingly copper, sulfur and natural agents. e wines come from fermentations with only indigenous yeasts. e vini cation takes place in stainless steel tanks, with temperature control, before a prolonged aging in bottle. All is very simple but decisive to start a real revolution of the Calabrian wine.

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