Paolo Bea

Olio ExtraVergine d'oliva grezzo annata 500ml 2019

The entire Bea property in Montefalco, Umbria encompasses 15 hectares: five of which are dedicated to the vineyards, two to olives and the remainder to the fruits, vegetables and grains that are grown. The family is dedicated to natural, organic production, placing the same care and emphasis on their olive oil as they do on their world-renowned wines.

During the November harvest, the olives are transported to the frantoio of Del Sero in Moriano, Umbria, where the olives are macerated by a stone mill and cold-pressed. This oil, an extra virgin referred to as “Grezzo” (translated as “raw” or “untouched” or “pure”), is a sensual, enchanting olive oil. There is a plush texture, a vibrant green-gold color and profound flavour that makes this oil a multiple threat in the kitchen.

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Paolo Bea

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