The history of Biondi-Santi is one of the most extraordinarily fascinating and prestigious in the worldwide history of wine. We owe the very invention, in 1888, of Brunello di Montalcino to this family. It was Clemente Santi who had the intuition to create a great red for aging, starting with the grapes of sangiovese grosso (known locally as Brunello) and re ning it for many years in great oak barrels. A long time has gone by from that date, and many generations of this noble family have succeeded to the running of this winery. Yet, since then, nothing has changed in the cultivation of the vines or the techniques of cellar management, to the extent that the wines of Biondi-Santi, renowned and celebrated throughout the world, are the quintessence of tradition and a real stronghold of Italian classicism. e production zone, known as “Il Greppo” is one of the most ideally suited in the appellation and Brunello Biondi – Santi one of the greatest wines in the world. All we can do is bow to so much history, that has become legend, and maybe, if we are lucky, taste one of the few bottles produced each year by this wonderful winery.

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