Care for detail to guarantee a unique experience selection

Choosing one of the labels selected by Italian Wine Club means living an authentic Italian experience. It will be like being in a beautiful cellar, among the vineyards, tasting a great wine… Even though you are 10 thousand kilometres away! Italian Wine Club provides a real “wine-sitting” service. The entire chain is scrupulously monitored from producer to consumer; the wine is picked up from the winery, carried by the best couriers in the best possible conditions (ensuring among other things that there is an uninterrupted cold chain throughout the journey, with refrigerated containers both for sea or air freight).

Once at its destination the wine is stored in warehouses belonging to Italian Wine Club. The bottles are stored in optimum conditions, in cold storage with 24 hour temperature and humidity control and monitoring. The bottles then undergo a special quality control sampling. Testing a few bottles for each type is the job of Italian Wine Club experts and is a further effort to guarantee wine lovers perfect wines, at the height of their potential.

Upon purchase, the wine is delivered to your chosen address as soon as possible, carried in thermo-insulated containers.

Your Italian, local partner

  • Proximity of the stocks stored in excellent conditions in our own local storage
  • Daily delivery in Singapore even for small quantities
  • Direct contact with our Italian personnel in Singapore
  • Wine education to your staff. Seminars and master classes
  • Co-marketing activity, advertising on our website and cooperation for event organization
  • Italian Wine Club events with winemakers, enologists, wine journalists directly from Italy
  • Continuous, passionate and competent pursuit of the finest, traditionally Italian, boutique wineries and wines on your behalf

Italian Wine Club your best-in-class partner for the finest Italian wines

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