Tarlant is a small but excellent maison, rooted in the Champagne region since 1687, when the ancestor Pierre Tarlant began cultivating vines.
A century later, the Tarlant family moved to Oeuilly, in the Vallé de la Marne, where they contributed, with the first Cuvée Tarlant in the 1920s, to the so-called Révolution Champenoise, i.e. to the prestige and excellence of French bubbles in the world.

Today, the Tarlant family owns 14 hectares of vineyards.
Benoît Tarlant, representative of the 14th generation of the Tralant family, cultivates these vineyards with great environmental sensitivity, attention to micro-territoriality and the peculiarities of each individual parcel, demonstrating great qualities as a vigneron and oenologist.

In the cellar, separate vinification in barriques is favoured, but steel and cement vats are also used.
Tarlant’s Champagnes are rigorous, artisanal and complex, but they are not harsh or difficult. In the 1990s, Tarlant was a pioneer of zero dosage and today the entire production, limited to just over 100,000 bottles per year, consists of pas dosé and extra brut.
The style of these Champagnes reveals a skilful and well-balanced use of wood and the exaltation of each micro-terroir: an elegant and balanced style that retains all the charm of great Champagnes.

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