Sabino Lofredo is a histrionic young vigneron from the south of Italy. He has taken over the family winery and turned his talents as gifted wine taster and dedicated wanderer, not to mention his technical skills, to making it one of the most extraordinary Italian wine businesses of recent years. Pietracupa wines represent his style and his idea of the wine world. He is one of the most successful examples of how a small producer can produce great wines.

Pietracupa is situated near Avellino, in the hinterland of the Campania region. It is a mountainous terrain that has little to do with the usual idea of southern Italy, but at the same time it reflects its sunny, open nature. The limited production focuses on the grape varieties typical of the area: Fiano and Greco for the whites, and Aglianico for the red wines.

The company’s wines are like its owner.
They tend towards the original but are able to speak faithfully of their land. Elegant, deep, and highly mineral, they are immediately good, and make a striking impression at  the first taste. However, they also have wonderful ageing potential and become magnificently complex in the bottle.

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