Terrevive farm was born in 2008 on 16 hectares of land in the village of Gargallo di Carpi near Modena.

From the start it has strictly followed  the Biodynamic method and its exclusive agronomic technique therefore respecting the sensibility of the people working on the farm itself. Principles such as sustainability,  biodiversity and respect for the forces of nature are the pillars of this community.

Various agricultural skills  bring an added value  to this open, friendly environment. The vineyard grows on a loamy-sandy terrain  where the Lambrusco grapes find their maximum expression. Each process  from pruning to harvest is strictly manual.

The Cellar is on small hill on the Emilian plain, architecturally inspired by an original 17th century icehouse. It guarantees  darkness, absolute silence and a constant temperature, ideal conditions  for wine. On top of the hill  hazelnut and  maple trees help to the keep the temperature cool during summer.

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