Stefano Amerighi has written some of the most exciting pages of Italian wine in recent years. We are in Cortona, in the south of Tuscany, a beautiful place that has proven to be able to produce great wines, especially from syrah grapes. Typical variety of the Rhône, as everyone knows, of which Amerighi  has carefully studied the secrets of the vineyards, winemakers and the most prestigious cellars.  Once ready, he found his own cru, characterized by soils rich in clay, gypsum, limo and many microorganisms, and plant a moltor  dense vineyard. Immediately he decides for a “natural” viticulture, as well as to recover ancient and obsolete cellar techniques (such as pressing grapes with his feet).  It is immediately inspired  by the principles of Biodynamics,  with great attention to the phases of the moon and planets. No chemicals are used on plants but only herbal teas and natural treatments. Only wild yeasts and no additives are used for vinification. The wines are wonderful, children of  a meticulous man and their terroir.
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