Cantina Giardino

For natural wine`s lovers, Cantina Giardino is an absolute reference. A story of friendship, passion for wine and the desire to make a difference, which began in 2003 in Irpinia (Campania, Southern Italy), a harsh land capable of producing great wines with original features. Antonio Di Gruttola kicked off the project, with some clandestine vinifications that began several years before the official birth of the company. The idea is simple and radical: no chemicals and minimal interventions in the cellar, in order to let the wines express freely (spontaneous fermentation, without filtration, clarification or sulfites, often with long maceration on the skins and use of amphorae). The vines are those of the tradition of the area, therefore Aglianico for the reds, Fiano and Greco for the whites (orange). Unique, territorial, personal and extremely exciting wines.

“..our  it wasn’t a passion dictated by the fashion, we liked wine and we still like it today and it is a fundamental part of our lifestyle. In a way, we’ve built everything around this”

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