Josko Gravner is unique. Few world-level wine producers can boast such a radical, totally convinced, intimate and religious approach to their work. However, we shall start with the land because the winery is located in one of the most perfect places in Italy for grape production. We are in Oslavia, where Italy borders with Slovenia, perched on the wonderful “Collio” hills and surrounded by their breathtaking landscape. Gravner’s philosophy does the rest: “I work the land with respect, trying to avoid abusing or poisoning it. To do this I don’t want winemakers, industrial products or other devilry on my land”. During the course of his life Grevner has followed an incredible path that has led him to overturn all his convictions. At first he was just a great wine producer who made excellent wines. Today he is a sort of natural wine guru, with a truly incredible approach both in vineyard and cellar. The grapes are ripened to the utmost, and fermentation entails steeping them for a long time on their skins and the use of amphorae! A return to a way of making wine that harks back to the beginning of time, typical of ancient civilizations in the Caucasian area, where vines and wines were born and where everything started.

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