The Massa Vecchia farm is located in the upper Maremma in Tuscany, on the slopes of the Metalliferous Hills. Or, to be more precise, at the foot of the hill on which the town of Massa Marittima stands. It is a small concern with 6 hectares, 3.6 of vineyards, 1.5 of olives and 0.8 of grain. It produces around 15,000 bottles of wine each year and olive oil in small quantities.

The farm was founded in 1985 by Fabrizio Niccolaini.

Working with nature has always been the philosophy at Massa Vecchia. The farm’s products are the fruit of respect for nature and for the cycles which it imposes, for which human beings are guardians who follow the natural processes without manipulating them. In this way the wine produced here reflects the land which gave rise to it. The vineyards are worked solely by hand, with fertilizers from the farm, the only treatments used being sulphur and copper and with the fewest interventions possible on the land. The same approach is taken with our old olive grove. No additional chemicals are used in the winery.

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