The Fattoria Garbole is a young but already established, small scale winery. Love of the land and scrupulous care for the vines has rapidly borne the desired fruit, to the extent that the brothers Ettore and Filippo Finetto are now considered among the best vinedressers in the Valpolicella area in Veneto, where some of the most important Italian wines originate. The project took off in the mid-nineties from ancient roots, and the first bottles bearing the Garbole label came out of the cellars in 2001. The vines grow on the hills of the Valpolicella, near Verona and the Lago di Garda, north-east of the most important denominations in the area such as the DOC Valpolicella and the DOC Amarone.
The experience and knowhow of the local winegrowing tradition is coupled to best advantage with modern agricultural and enological technology, achieving a viticulture and vinification with no compromises or short cuts.
The production philosophy is simple: produce top quality grapes for top quality wines, making optimum use of traditional winegrowing experience and knowhow together with modern technology. Vinification is incredibly scrupulous, as is the fining and aging in oak and fining in the bottle. The wines produced are magnificent, gloriously intense, opulent and full.
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