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a group of friends, enthusiasts and experts in Italian wines determined
to introduce their favourite wineries to wine lovers in Singapore.

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by choosing this brand you are joining a select circle that will help you
to get to know, taste and buy some of the nest and most authentic
wines in the Italian tradition.

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Dive into Made in Italy Into Italian style, history, art and culture.

Our wines are not like others. Original and far removed from any standardisation, the products se lected by the Italian Wine Club staff have a soul; they tell stories. They are the offspring of small- scale, artisanal productions, respectful to nature and mindful of the environment, they contain messages that communicate emotions, joys and pleasures. In most cases Natural, Organic and Biodynamics. Wines that only a refined consumer, careful and aware as you are, can fully appreciate. Only you will discover the genius and refinement of some of the most interesting vinedressers in the Bel Paese, people capable of creating the most incredible wines, well outside the standard international distribution circuits: rare, exclusive wines in limited production! They are real ambassadors to magnificent lands and breathtaking scenery, able to make you live experiences that are quite out of the ordinary.

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