Alessandro Boido and his family lovingly run this little winery, one of the most representative in terms of quality among those that cultivate and produce wine from Muscat grapes. His wines are the best you can find to appreciate the unique aromatic characteristics of such a grape, which the hard work in the vineyards and wine cellars on the estate is able to transform into delicious wines. The winery is located in Santo Stefano Belbo in Piemonte, where its 8 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, and among which are some marvellous parcels of old vines.

The vines grow on sandy terrain that transmits distinctive aromas to the wines, which are among the best of this type and are even able to age successfully in the bottle. His wines are fruit of this magic union between the local terrain and the hard work of a true, loving vinedresser. They are joyful and sunny, but also a bulwark against time, a rare quality in such wines.

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