Giuseppe Gabbas is a simple, but deeply caring vine- dresser, well able to show at its best the enormous heritage of the great Sardinian wine tradition. His winery extends over an area of roughly 30 hectares, of which twenty cultivated as vineyards and ve as olive groves, at a height of 240 to 350 metres, in a valley at the very heart of Sardinia. His Cannonau are among the best and most authentic in the world.

The terrain where the vineyards are located is of granite origin. It is very deep and capable of conserving the water necessary in periods of drought. e climate is excellent thanks to the sea winds and its proximity to the mountains. is is a small winery, in a fantastic territory and produces high quality wines. Giuseppe Gabbas’ wines represent the best of the wine production in the fantastic, ancient region of Sardinia. Original, unique wines, which will amaze you for their class, strength and elegance.

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