The cellars of Graziano Prà are located near Soave, in an area of north-eastern Italy characterized by an ancient fossil marlstone terrain ideal for the production of white wines. Intransigent in his quest for quality and his interpretation of the soils available to him, this wine-maker has found his place among the leading names in Italian wine production. His history is rooted in respect for the land and for nature. Purity is the essence of his wines, an objective achievable only by those who, like him, cultivate their vineyards with passion, wisdom and humility. The work in the cellars is only a way of bringing all the beauty and expression of the grapes into the bottle, perfectly ripe and rich in flavor, picked in the harvesting season. The wines are the consequence of this labour and the company philosophy, capable of unachievable finesse, they have class, freshness, and complexity – wonderful to drink.
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