Samaroli 1993 JAMAICA RUM 45%

Bottled in Scotland in July 2015

Cask N° 40 – Just N. 360 bottles in 70 cl size
Alc. 45 % Vol.

The British traditions over the centuries have left their mark more than others. Jamaica while belonging to the “category”, over the centuries have developed their own very characteristic elements. Country that has some of the world’s best molasses , often sold to other producing countries . Many distilleries are now inactive and only the search of old barrels can ensure the survival of the tradition. Jamaican style is the most characteristic, holds the strong, intense and pungent Rum that become unforgettable Good save the Queen … we are madly devoted to his majesty Jamaica that gives us always great spirits.that strikes us in a whirlwind of dreams with the desire chase. Everything just drinking and dancing with a rum that seems ops is perfect. The glass is a dam that barely maintains the depth and strength of the perfume exploding when this rum is poured. Golden, severe, unusual, powerful, unique, ethereal, collected. Sensations, that take origin from savory and intense minerality, explore all the descriptive categories. Evolved Hints of banana, pineapple and spicy mint and star anise.

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