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Italian Wine Club is a group of friends, enthusiasts and experts in Italian wines determined to introduce their favourite wineries to wine lovers in Singapore. By choosing this brand you are joining a select circle that will help you to get to know, taste and buy some of the finest and most authentic wines in the Italian tradition.

Dive into Made in Italy: into Italian style, history, art and culture.


The Club wineries and wines have been carefully chosen after years of tasting, visits and personal acquaintance with the producers. For us wine is not like other drinks! At its best it is a sincere companion that can tell you tales of places, peoples and people, that can awaken emotions. Italian Wine Club wines reflect the flavour and style of Italian life, the most authentic of traditions with contemporary refinement. Real wines, countrymen in the most noble sense of the word, that are "food friendly" and therefore ideal table companions. As in the best of Italian tradition.


Choosing one of the labels selected by Italian Wine Club means living an authentic Italian experience. It will be like being in a beautiful cellar, among the vineyards, tasting a great wine...Even though you are 10 thousand kilometres away! Italian Wine Club provides a real "wine sitting" service. The entire chain is scrupulously monitored from producer to consumer. Once at destination the wine is stored in warehouses belonging to Italian Wine Club. The bottles are therefore stored in optimum conditions. Once stocked the bottles undergo special quality control sampling. Once purchased, the wine is delivered to your chosen address as soon as possible, carried in thermo-insulated containers.

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