Noelia Ricci

Noelia Ricci is a dream translated into vision.Respecting the land’s natural inclination and going back to the way farmers used to make Sangiovese wine in this area. In 2010, Marco began working on the new zoning project. He chose the 7 top hectares, 9 at present, which represent a rare, if not unique, example of Chateaux in the Romagna region.He put together a new team and, through mutual understanding and empathy, they found a new way to communicate and tell this story. Noelia Ricci is a tribute to the classic style, with a contemporary approach. By avoiding over-extraction, excessive alcohol content and highly concentrated colors, we strive to make wines having a fine structure, strong personality and complexity, while maintaining an inviting approach and pursuing drinkability.

The first vintage was produced in 2013.

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