Mario Schiopetto

Mario Schiopetto, was born in 1930 and grew up in the Fireman’s Hostelry which belonged to the family, experiencing in first person the life of a fireman and then that of a lorry driver. For years he accompanied and helped his father to select the wines for the Hostelry, eventually running it himself after the demise of his parents.
Guided only by his personal taste and his love for wine, in 1963 Mario started to dedicate his time to the production and in 1965 brought out his first “Tocai”. Thus giving birth to the era of modern white wine in Friuli and transforming the conception of Italian white wine.
“A brilliant producer, Schiopetto is the reference point for just how flavorful, perfumed, and compelling dry whites from Friuli can be. Mario Schiopetto continues to satiate the olfactory sense and palate with his extraordinary offering. While not cheap, they are the most compelling tank-fermented and aged dry whites made in north-eastern Italy. Possessing abundant flavors that build incrementally in the mouth, they are dazzling wines that I can’t recommend highly enough.” Robert Parker