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SAMAROLI 1988 Demerara Dark - Rum 50%

Bottled in Scotland in 2021

Cask N° 1

Just 195 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 50,00% Vol.

We are proud to have brought this barrel to port which is truly a unique and unobtainable specimen. Guyana The most cosmopolitan country in South America inherited from the colonial age that hosts practically all the methods of distillation and aging that combined have resulted in a great variety of styles. On the banks of the Rio Demerara there are various plants that produce the homonymous Demerara rums considered a separate category by all fans of the world. By now there are many bottlings that we have seen born, every year we find ourselves in facing a discovery. Evolution refines and completes the characteristics, aromas and flavors that we find are more mature and complete. Scotland, which hosted and watched over the rest of this extraordinary rum, transformed a Caribbean spirit into a broad heritage and complex aromatic concentration. Vanilla, sugar cane, leather and tobacco emerge, complement each other thanks to the “only” thirty-three years aging. Those who “face” this bottle must arm themselves with patience and imagination. Indeed the development and numerous intermediate details the glass will be able to give to those who they will have the patience to “listen” and the ability to dream.

“The sea unites the countries it separates.” Alexander Pope


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