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SAMAROLI 1994 Jamaica - Rum 59%

Bottled in Scotland in 2021

Cask N° 134

Just 398 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 59,00% Vol.

Living matter changes, evolves, breathes and defines itself in ever-changing declinations. We ask ourselves, carrying the glass to the nose, if this rum is a classic Jamaica: perhaps it is not the same as last time or maybe we have changed. Well yes, for this distillate, you need to have a slightly metaphysical approach. We are faced with an essence that we have tried to deliver, interfering with the slightest indispensable, so it is practically what left the barrel of May 2017. Sparkling, pungent nose … Sicilian aromas such as almond, marzipan, sesame and spices stand out Mediterranean. Maturity, concreteness, thickness and fatness. All characteristics are the result of the baggage filled in this time spent maturing. In the mouth, complete, satisfying and fragrant to the point that alcohol takes a back seat. Opulent rich flavors from Parisian boulangerie in full swing on Sunday mornings. Tones of yeast, vanilla and croissants are the corollary of spikes of mint, mimosa and spring flowers. We approach greedy and we leave satisfied, satiated and conquered.

“Yeast has a mysterious strength, the ability to acidify everything, to never stop, to change everything it accesses.” Adrienne von Speyr


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59% abv

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