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SAMAROLI 2009 Pacific Oblivion Cask#23 - Rum - 45% abv

Bottled in Scotland in 2021

Cask N° 23

Just 340 bottles in 70 cl. size
Alc. 45,00% Vol.

First love is never forgotten … it is truly impressive. It was 2009 when our first 2001 Fiji was bottled. A lifetime seems to have passed … How many different, changed, mature things and how many memories. Beautiful … Seductive … This rum knocks with grace and kindness and reminds us how quality is always a subjective concept. Fiji is either loved or hated. Like any passion like the love of our life, we risk becoming either dependent or obsessed. We let ourselves be lost in the glass that with each rotation emanates bursting aromas and scents and yes we are lost, disoriented and confused. In the mouth we are comforted by the fact that it … it was just like there we imagined. Provocative nose with classic tones that we are now used to recognizing. Waxy with touches of lacquer. The medicinal and dried fruit notes can define it as the peaty of our rums. The palate comes poked like the gushing river water being rubbed by the oars a sensation of fire which turns to vanilla, licorice, mint and spices such as pink pepper and nutmeg.

Loving is so short, and forgetting so long. (Pablo Neruda)


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