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Samaroli 1970 Glen Grant 40%


Bottled in Scotland in September 2017

Cask N° n.3482 Just n. 112 bottles in 70 cl. size

Alc. 40% Vol.

Let’s be careful… Let’s be very careful…

For we are in the presence of a Spirit that’s 47 years young.

I know, it’s never the done thing to reveal a lady’s age, but we’re obliged to be up front about it in this case, so you can grasp how momentous an occasion this is, as you swirl something truly unique in your glass and savour a drop of Scottish history. All this has to do with this particular whisky, and the fact that you’re one of just 112, I repeat, one hundred and twelve lucky individuals who own such a rare treasure. We like to underline how this is one of those rare cases where not even the richest sultan who ever lived, with all his great fortune, could hope to own bottle one hundred and thirteen. This whisky stands before you like a fine lady bedecked in evening attire on a midsummer’s night in some far-flung location where you didn’t even want to go. Elegant, profound, as intriguing as any mystery and as beautiful as those days you could never forget!!! Those split seconds that change a life forever. The mere sight of her leaves us in turmoil, yearning, trembling and so full of desire that it almost frightens us. Ah yes, that’s what happens when we pursue something with all our heart… When we find it, it strikes fear and awe in us, perhaps because we’re overwhelmed by its beauty, who knows… Like the ascetic who lives his entire life seeking illumination, like Dante standing before God and like Christopher Columbus glimpsing the New World … everything seems so different, so great, so perfect. The nose is utterly ravaging. This is not a whisky, it is not a rum, it is something else, something distilled half a century ago by someone who is now heaven-knows-where. Old, ancient aromas like those of old attics shut-up for years on end, then ever so slowly, like mysterious old trunks full of secrets, we get scents of dried fruit, mint and spices just offloaded at the port of Venice from a ship that’s been at sea for many months. On the palate it is honey, gold, quite simply perfection…superbly balanced. Zero acidity, multi-faceted, saline, sweet and bitter at the same time. Olfactory hints then develop into solid, precise and well-defined sensations.

Welcome to something that is perhaps even greater than us!!!


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