Samaroli 1997 Macduff Sherry 2018 43%


Bottled in Scotland in 2018

Cask N° 5869 Just n. 291 bottles in 70 cl. size

Alc. 43% Vol.

We were very protective about bottling all our Macduff 1997 butt and, as we already mentioned last year, it’s also really exciting to study how this multi-faceted spirit evolves over time. So after another year of ageing in the same cask, naturally with a little more breathing space, we bring you once again a whisky that’s still a rapid volata and a marriage of opposites: Scottish Angus roast beef and Vignola cherries; it’s like finding unexpected sweetness in a supposedly sour fruit. The austerity of this very “beefy” single malt mingles with the pungent sweetness of the sherry cask. There are more developed, slightly rounder tones and scents compared to the previous bottling. On the nose, sulphur notes veil the myriad facets that this spirit releases. Then, opening up, it reveals slightly salty and perfumed tones then lastly, and rather surprisingly, pronounced sweetness on the palate, as juicy as any May fruits. Next come scents of snuffed out matches and thermal fumaroles. We’re treated to a series of sharp and, at the same time, oily aromas. Impressions that are at once confuted in the mouth. The sweet tones quickly join together and the most persistent ones then linger, more as an after-taste. Dried fruit and quince prove that, yes indeed, opposites do attract and oddly enough complement one another, here in a harmonious blend of virtually-forgotten tones and sensations.


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