Italian Wine Club presents

Zoom Live Chat with Arianna Occhipinti

Wed 22 July | 8:30pm

Arianna will lead us to a virtual tour of her cellar and vines down in Vittoria, south of Sicily. Here our offer to enjoy together a taste of her amazing terroirs and wine making expertise


Solid foundations – $240 NETT

1x Occhipinti Sp68 bianco 2019 (Moscato, Albanello)

1x Occhipinti Sp68 rosso 2018 (Nero d`Avola, Frappato)

1x Occhipinti Il Frappato 2018 (Frappato di Vittoria)

1x Occhipinti Il Siccagno Nero d`Avola 2017 (Nero d`Avola)



Arianna’s Geeks (very limited allocation)   – $480 NETT

(limited availability)

Vino di Contrada (Occhipinti`s Frappato`s Crus – only 2600 bottles produced):

1x Occhipinti FL – Fossa di lupo 2017

1x Occhipinti BB – Bombolieri 2017

1x Occhipinti PT – Pettineo 2017

1x Occhipinti Cerasuolo di Vittoria Grotte Alte 2015

(Nero d`Avola, Frappato – only 4400 bottles produced)

Arianna Occhipinti

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